Dr. Amit Singh Saini
B.Ed. College

Shri Ram College of Education has its deep roots in the field of education since 2007 and I feel proud and privileged to become a member of this family. Our students have reached the greater heights as inspired by the motto “always aim high”. The aim of the college always has been to bring out the best in the students and make them better and responsible educator of the nation. Shri Ram College of Education is a modern educational institute and it always tries to impart in the students the academic excellence, a sense of duty, discipline and above all moral and humanitarian values. It also helps them to acquire a globale perspective and high career growth by continuous learning. With the cooperation of the parents, guardians and teachers, we can transform our students and help them to attain the excellence in field of education.

It is my heartiest with that the students of this college are recognized not only by their college uniform but also by their talents and etiquettes.